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Electra Allenton, LAc • Bridge to Becoming LLC

Bridge to Becoming LLC is the central website for the various projects of Electra Allenton.

I will not be returning to practicing acupuncture or naturopathic medicine for the foreseeable future.

I am currently a podcaster, educator and coach, culture critic and pundit at large! I even wrote a fan fiction romance novel, but good luck finding it!

Do you miss having Electra talk to you about your challenging relationships as a part of your healthcare visit? You can regain access to that, here! My new project!
Under the Umbra: Using Empathy and Collaboration to Navigate a World of Shadows 

If you want to support my work and stay connected with me, check my Patreon. You can get bonus material, extra episodes and posts, and at higher tiers of support, quarterly coaching zoom calls about navigating challenging relationships or systems.

If you want to know a bit more about my credentials, here is that rhythmic ritualistic bio info!

Electra Allenton, LAc is licensed (LAc OR 180420 active) to practice acupuncture in Oregon, after graduating in 2016 from the National University of Natural Medicine, with a certificate in Shiatsu massage and an interest in Qi Gong. She is board certified by NCCAOM (current 2016 – 2024) as a Diplomate of Acupuncture. Her Bachelors of Arts in General Science is from Grinnell College, Dec. 2005. She is an avid & voracious learner and has focused on continuing education in mental health, social justice, and brain injury. Along with providing acupuncture, recording and listening to podcasts, she is also a partner/owner of Person Centered Tech, a HIPAA+tech training company founded by her late, beloved husband Roy Huggins and led by her friends Liath Dalton and Brian K. Smith.

She has two cats and a dog and a wonderful group of friends and family! She likes nature walks both in the neighborhood and on hiking trails and doing some qi gong or tree hugging; listening to podcasts and audiobooks about a myriad of things like economics, politics and the justice system, where sometimes her hot take responses are found to be thoughtful and healing; occasionally knitting, crocheting or sewing; and dusting off her Japanese Calligraphy equipment for some meditative art.

Her identities include but are not limited to:

White; middle-aged/Xennial; cisfemale straight demisexual widow; neurodivergent with some formal- and some self-diagnosis of cPTSD, ADHD, anxiety, grief, and Autism; Christian-passing Animist; mostly able-bodied; American English native speaker and US-born citizen; settler colonialist ancestry; affluent-class learned behavior with lower-middle class resources; fluctuates between straight size and smallfat, with many family and beloved partners who are fat; postgraduate education with masters and doctorate, and state-licensed professional. I know I still have many points of ignorance but I try to self-educate and follow up on recommendations.

Electra Allenton is currently a podcaster. She intentionally lapsed/keeps Inactive her Naturopathic Doctor license (ND OR 4064 if you would like to verify dates) after practicing from 2017 – 2020. She was nationally board certified by NPLEX (2017, no expiration) but this does not qualify her to practice medicine without state licensure: Electra Allenton makes NO CLAIMS of being able to offer Naturopathic medicine diagnosis or offer treatment plans at this time. She reviews the Oregon ND and LAc scopes of practice regularly and abides by all laws and professional ethics according to what she is licensed to provide.

Photo by Selma Rizvić on Unsplash of bridged walkway through autumn season marshy forest under overcast diffuse light
Photo by Selma Rizvić on Unsplash