End of July 2021 – masks still happening

I’ve been keeping up with announcements about this on the Bridge to Becoming facebook page, but I would write this up here too:
It is July, almost August, 2021. We are still in a pandemic and the delta variant is endemic all over the place.
I am too aware of how Long COVID can affect people even with mild cases.
I encourage all my patients –who can get vaccinated safely– do so as soon as possible with all required doses, and also wear masks in indoor and crowded places. I am practicing and living in Multnomah County and this matches their public health recommendations.
Even when cases were very low, masks are still required at medical offices because immune-compromised and young (and all the other reasons for not being vaccinated) people come to those places.

Thanks for joining me in keeping us all safe!

Keep Wearing Your Mask
Keep wearing your masks indoors whether vaccinated or not.