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NeuroPsychology of Manifesting!

NeuroPsychology of Manifesting: All Emotions Welcome! Grounded in Reality! Re-usable Workbook Included!NeuroPsychology of Manifesting

Ditch the Toxic Positivity!
Stay grounded in Reality!
Backed by Science!
Re-usable Workbook Included!

First Offering:
October 24, 2023 5:30PM – 7:30PM Pacific Time

Are you curious why so many people in your spiritual communities use Vision Boarding and Manifesting, when you are turned off by the Cultish demands for #GoodVibesOnly?

Are you stymied by people dismissing your valid concerns such as income inequality, systemic oppression, and respect for other people’s boundaries when making your plans?

Do you want an evidence-based, social-justice-rooted, neurodivergent-friendly, worksheet-guided system for making goals, evaluating progress, and celebrating achievement?
(You know it’s neurodivergent-oriented because of all the commas and hyphens!)

If this feels intriguing, this workshop is for you!

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This talk will be 90 minutes explaining the neuroscience behind why Manifesting works (with a resource list), guidance through the workbook, and 30 minutes of Q & A / group coaching for how to apply it.

I recommend having dinner while we learn!

After attending, you will

  • feel more confident in discerning New Thought / Prosperity Gospel / Toxic Positivity Paradigm VERSUS neurology-based pattern-recognition and non-exploitative use of social support
  • start to evaluate and cultivate reliance on your subconscious, embodied gauge for
    • whether you are on the “right track” or should switch methods,
    • whether and how fast you are making progress,
    • when there are insurmountable barriers,
    • and when you can ✨”magically”✨ get past those barriers!
  • understand an efficient and evidence-based (but not mandatory) Order of Operations for making goals and tracking their progress that is inclusive of a realistic assessment of individual and systemic challenges
  • have a reading list for other tools
  • have had a great dinner!

This workshop will be recorded and all ticket-holders will get a link to the video, for those who cannot attend live, want to watch at a different speed, want the audio-only, or want to break up the presentation into shorter chunks!

I cannot provide a complete transcript at this time but will provide the script and outline for the talk.

Ticket price of $44 includes:

  • Live access to the 90 minute plus 30 minutes Q&A workshop
  • Reusable Workbook
  • Video and Audio for replay after the event

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