2021.08.31 Announcement of Clinic Closure

August 31, 2021

My dear patients,

It is with deep regret that I announce to you that I am closing my practice, effective September 30, 2021. These last few years have been hard on a lot of people for a lot of reasons. As for me, some family emergencies have been ongoing since March this year, and it has become unsustainable to operate a practice during these events.

It has been a great pleasure to provide care to you and to be a supportive part of your life. If you want one or two last appointments in September before the practice closes, please reach out to schedule. If you would like assistance in finding a referral or need any of your medical records, please give me a call or Signal text at 503-459-9596 or send a CharmPHR message.

This has been a very difficult decision and I know it will cause disappointment. I’m so sorry for that. I know, though, that the Portland Metro has many amazing other acupuncturists and clinicians and that you will be able to find other great health care team members.

Let me know of any questions or concerns you have. I wish you all joy and resilience in these trying times.


Electra Allenton, ND, MSOM, LAc


End of July 2021 – masks still happening

I’ve been keeping up with announcements about this on the Bridge to Becoming facebook page, but I would write this up here too:
It is July, almost August, 2021. We are still in a pandemic and the delta variant is endemic all over the place.
I am too aware of how Long COVID can affect people even with mild cases.
I encourage all my patients –who can get vaccinated safely– do so as soon as possible with all required doses, and also wear masks in indoor and crowded places. I am practicing and living in Multnomah County and this matches their public health recommendations.
Even when cases were very low, masks are still required at medical offices because immune-compromised and young (and all the other reasons for not being vaccinated) people come to those places.

Thanks for joining me in keeping us all safe!

Keep Wearing Your Mask
Keep wearing your masks indoors whether vaccinated or not.


Great satire as encouragement to be safe.

This is satire but points out great aspects of security : hygiene theater vs actual risk reduction.

Fun to read out loud to your pod while you order takeout. 🙂

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Yesterday (Feb 1) I got the first dose of the available vaccine for SarsCoV2 / COVID19! Because of availability I’m now #teamPfizer and have an appointment for my next dose later this month.

My spouse and I are both in Phase 1A Group 4, but not affiliated with a big hospital or facility, and like so many had been struggling to find appointments with doses available. Patience won! Thanks OHA and Multnomah County and our local hospitals for coordinating, and thanks to our OR National Guard and Army Reserves for serving us civilians! #ReturningVeteransProject And thanks to our new Biden/Harris Administration and Congress for working to get more doses and more money to pay these workers and facilities, to help with transparency of when doses are available, and setting up a system of distribution.

I know there are a lot of other hitches in this and other locations. But keep persisting in looking up availability and tracking your Phase and Group status. We are at a pinnacle of centuries of research, culminating in these rapidly deployed vaccines, and I trust them. Please do the same. Join me in getting vaccinated when you can even though it’s been complicated to do so. Protect the vulnerable who can’t.

Speaking of vulnerable: note that I am using my fingers to cover my PHI (name, birthdate) and also using phot editing to obscure the lot number of my vaccine. Please don’t share your full name and birthdate online folks! It is really easy to steal identities.

#vaccinated #All4Oregon #AcupuncturistsForVaccination #AcupuncturistsForBlackLives #AcupuncturistsForSocialJustice #AcupuncturistsForPublicHealth


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Helping the helpers!

Hey there, fellow citizens!

tl;dr: pro bono acupuncture for anyone phone banking for Georgia!!!

So here I live, in Oregon, paying close attention to what is happening in Georgia and how it will affect the upcoming presidential term and the US Senate.  This is a consequential run-off election!

So I thought, I want to help! I’ll phone bank to help Get Out The Vote!  Oh, but my Social Anxiety said, Nope not today. Hard to keep a smile on your face while sobbing and shaking.

So what am I good at that doesn’t trigger my Social Anxiety? 


So here’s the deal:

If you show me (sending a screen print or forward via secure messaging) confirmation that you did shifts of phone banking to get out the vote in Georgia and your scheduled shifts coming up, I will provide you one session of stress-reduction acupuncture pro bono so that you can have the emotional resilience to do more shifts! (There will be some New Patient paperwork if you are not a current or past patient. And of course all COVID19 safety precautions will be maintained.)

I figure, if I can facilitate even one other person to be emotionally resilient enough to help Georgians Get Out The Vote, then my efforts shall not be in vain!

Tell your friends!

Dr Allenton having just calmed from a fight/flight moment while trying to do phone banking for GOTV for Georgia
Are you slightly less tearful than I when making phone calls for great causes like civic engagement? Let me help you do more of that!