Beginnings, spanning a bridge over troubled waters.

Dear ones, I have received my acupuncture license from the Oregon Medical Board, and am working on getting malpractice insurance and opening up scheduling at the place I will practice!

I look forward to serving anyone who has been set off-kilter by this election season, who is shaken and unsure of their security or identity in this political climate.

I have been waiting to be involved in my community for more than 6 years; I hoped and trusted that once I was qualified and vetted to serve you, I will be able to bring peace and healing to my patients and my colleagues and my profession and my community, and I am so excited to be opening my practice!

You can find out how to contact me or make appointments through this page.

You can find other updates at my parallel Facebook Page.

If you want to learn more about my medical philosophy, thoughts, and updates, you can follow my blog here, or sign up for my newsletter (when it is set up).