Location / Contact:

Electra Allenton, ND, MSOM, LAc
Bridge to Becoming LLC
2301 NW Thurman Street, Suite S
Portland OR 97210-2581
cell phone/Signal ID/SMS text: 503-459-9596
secure fax: 888-528-4439
(secure document drop and contact form below)

Bridge to Becoming LLC can be found in Suite S on the first floor of the Baxter Building, next to the single-occupant restrooms. The parking lot is accessible from NW Thurman Street, north of NW 23rd.
Reddish-Orange Sign on wall says Reserved Baxter VisitorsYou can park in any available spot labeled Reserved: Baxter Visitors.

Reddish-Orange Sign on wall says Reserved Baxter Visitors

Please push the buzzer to the left of the door, then allow 1-3 min for me to come to the front to unlock the door and guide you back to the office.

Safety and Hygiene

I am operating my clinic according to O.H.A. guidelines for non-essential outpatient procedures, updated both in May and in June. All patients must wear a mask or face covering that covers your mouth and nose during the entirety of your visit. Please arrive alone; do not bring family or friends unless you need assistance. Your forehead temperature and pulse oxygenation level will be recorded before your visit; if you are experiencing signs or symptoms of a viral illness (hover for list), we will reschedule your visit.
For our safety, all in-person visits will have 1 hour between them to disinfect and ventilate the treatment room; I use both opened windows and an air purifier to ensure 3-6 complete cycles. Because of this, please plan to arrive exactly on time and neither early nor late, as this alters the ability to fully disinfect the room.

Secure contact methods:

Your privacy is important to me.  Please make it important to you, too, and use one of the methods below to contact me with your health information.

  • By Phone: Schedule by calling me directly at 503-459-9596 or if you are an existing patient, by using the appointment request function of CharmPHR.
  • By Secure Text: Signal, a secure texting app made by Open Whisper Systems. Download it here for your smartphone (iPhone or Android), add me to your phone’s address book, and contact me by text through 503-459-9596.
    (Include your name so I know who you are!)
    Feel free to use Signal with your other family, friends, and acquaintances too!
  • Need to send documents securely before you have access to your CharmPHR account? I use Hushmail forms to send medical records from secure email so your deets aren’t willy nilly spread over the internet for anyone to see or snatch up.  Attach them here!

Need refills on supplements we’ve decided on? Let me know by Signal if you need it to be “prescribed” through Fullscript if I haven’t yet.
Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

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